Benchmark Advantage

Benchmark Properties Ltd. has attained a high level of satisfaction for our tenants through a very simple philosophy: we lease great space and manage it professionally.


One Source, All You Need to Move In

Modifying space to meet your needs can be a source of high stress and runaway budgets when you are leasing commercial real estate. Having to negotiate with contractors and various municipal departments is a hassle. We have a better way. We can provide the space and make the changes or improvements you need.

We make life simpler with:

  • customized space planning – floorplan modifications to suit your needs
  • you choose your standard of finishing and colours
  • we build or renovate to the customized plan
  • the opportunity to finance the cost of improvements over the term of your lease


Simplified Paper Work and Legal

As a Benchmark tenant, you negotiate directly with the landlord. You talk to us, not our lawyer or agent. That means no middlemen between you and the owner. The people who make the contract with you, keep the contract. If you would prefer to be represented by a lawyer or realtor, you are of course welcome to do so. Here’s why that direct contact is so important:

  • All paperwork is done by Benchmark – you don’t have to prepare (or pay someone else to prepare) an Offer to Lease or Lease Contract. It’s all done for you.
  • We obtain all the necessary permits for your build-out or renovations.
  • Your lease contract is personalized to reflect your needs, without paying incremental costs to other parties for paperwork, permits and so on.
  • You get the facts straight from us, not a third party.


Maintenance and Services

We are not just a holding company. Benchmark Group has a staff of full-time professionals who specialize in the maintenance and upkeep of our properties. That means when you contact us with a need or concern, you are talking directly to the people who will manage the service. We’re available by telephone 24/7 and through this web site in the Tenants Area. Leasing with Benchmark means:

  • highly professional in-house maintenance and property management
  • operating in a clean, business-like environment
  • a quick response time to maintenance needs
  • quality, well-kept amenities that your staff and clients will appreciate
  • we get tradesmen on the job and make sure the work is done right


What do you call commercial space that works? Our tenants call it Peace of Mind. We call it The Benchmark Advantage.